Schumer calls on New Era Cap to keep Derby open

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Sen. Charles Schumer made a public plea to the New Era Cap Co., Thursday, to reverse its decision to close its plant in Derby. Schumer, the highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate is calling New Era’s plan, “pennywise and pound foolish.”

New York’s senior senator was attending a number of events in Western New York and announced he other elected officials are willing to negotiate a deal that would save more than 200 good paying jobs.

Schumer pointed out, over the years, he has been instrumental in keeping New Era Cap in Western New York which, in turn, has been a boost to the company’s bottom line, such as the deal he arranged that got New Era an exclusive contract with Major League Baseball.

In the past, New Era Cap, has kept its production facility in Derby, due to a package of state, local, and federal tax incentives, but that deal has expired. Schumer is offering to put together a new package of tax breaks.

New Era at one time had two other production facilities in Alabama, which were closed and merged with the Derby manufacturing plant, which has an exclusive contract to produce caps for Major League Basball.

Schumer said just about everything else bearing the New Era logo is made outside of the country, another reason to keep Derby in business.

“I have done it for a bunch of other companies, and we are pleading with them to save the jobs of these 200 people. We can get you some federal and state aid so that you could stay here.”

The caps for Major League Baseball will be manufactured in Miami, as per a requirement that all major league caps are made in the United States, a clause in the cap contract that Schumer negotiated.

All the other caps made in Derby will be outsourced to companies overseas, and marketed by New Era.

While the politicians are disappointed over the potential loss of the 210 jobs that could be lost if the Derby plant closes, New Era employs more than 300 people at its headquarters in downtown Buffalo.

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