BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)– “It’s a slight win for gun owners everywhere,” said Daune Whitmer, Chairman of the Erie County Libertarian Party.

On Friday, Whitmer and other 2nd Amendment advocates met in front of the Erie County Clerk’s office, calling for immediate action to ensure after this ruling, the Erie County Clerk’s office will have the locations and staff to process the number of permit applications, that they expect to rise.

“We’re calling on Mickey Kearns, to be proactive and allow citizens of Erie County to start being able to process these permits, to get their self-defense, sooner than later,” Whitmer said.

Erie County Clerk, Michael Kearns, responded saying his office is just one out of the three desks the permit needs to land on before it gets approved. It starts at their office, heads to the sheriff, then heads to the Licensing Officer under the Statue, Judge William Boller, who sends it back to the Clerk to issue.

Kearns said he also believes his office is prepared for an increase of applications, and that his office has experienced an increase of applications, which have gone from 2,000 a year, rising to almost 8,000 a year, in just two years.

“I know that the Supreme Court has ruled, but I think we all need to be a little patient until we get some direction from our Licensing Officer, and that will be early next week,” said Kearns.

“The Supreme Court did not draw us a road map.” Senator Sean Ryan said, “It’s going to be incumbent on us to say where you are going to be allowed in New York to carry a concealed weapon.”

Ryan called the Court’s ruling “absurd” which will impact 25% of Americans, but that the court offered no guidance on where the rules will be bent in public places.

“We’ve had this law in New York State since 1913, how can it suddenly be unconstitutional?” Ryan said, “This ruling is gonna say people can now start carrying those guns anywhere you want…We all know that’s not how we want to run our society.”

But what does this ruling mean for gun owners today?

According to Kearns, people with a restricted permit will still have to apply and be approved for an unrestricted permit as of right now, but they are unsure of what this process will look like. He urges people to follow the original steps until the new rules are figured out.

“I would follow the law until you get further clarification on that.” said Kearns, “It’s always good to follow the law.”

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