Sensational Fun Inc. in Orchard Park provides judgement free zone for kids with special needs

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — “Kids can come and not only are they playing but they’re actually getting the therapy they need, they’re getting the sensory input they need, they’re getting the gross motor skills they need, the social interaction,” said Jennifer Kline, Sensational Fun Inc. Executive Director and Founder.

Laura Croglio says her two sons both have ADHD, and one also has autism.

“My children now are a little older I wish that there was something like this when they were little, toddlers, where they could come to a place like this and have that freedom where for so often there really wasn’t any place that they could go without getting those strange looks but in this place there are no strange looks because we all get it,” said Laura Croglio of West Seneca.

The non-profit is run by therapists and teachers who have experience working with kids who have special needs. All of the activities are tailored to helping therapeutic, motor and sensory skills in disabilities ranging from autism to ADHD, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

“After working for a few years with children with special needs and their families I started to see a major need, a major gap in the community,” said Kline.

“If you go to another place and they may scream out because they’re so excited you instantly have 20 people turning to say what happened what’s happening with that child why are they screaming,” said Croglio.

Parents say it’s a place where they and their children can feel comfortable and have fun

“There isn’t anywhere out there like this we have a calming, neutral environment where it’s not over stimulating the kids are going to get the stimulation for the actual activities that they’re doing,” said Kline.

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