Shots were fired just outside a school in Buffalo on Friday. 

Police say a gunman in one car was shooting at another car as they sped past the P.S. 61 Arthur Eve School of Distinction on the city’s East Side. 

The ordeal only lasted a few seconds, but it was a frightening time for the neighborhood, as young children were playing on the playground as the shots rang out a few yards away. 

The P.S. 61 Arthur Eve School of Distinction is a school for students pre-K through fourth grade, located on LeRoy Avenue. 

James Moye and a friend were sitting on their front porch Friday when Moye says he suddenly heard screeching tires and saw two speeding cars turning from LeRoy Avenue onto Manhattan Avenue. 

Moye says he saw a red car trailing a gray car when suddenly, a passenger in the red car stuck his head outside the window and started shooting. 

“One car started shooting at the guy that was in front, red car is shooting at a gray car,” Moye said. “Kids over in the playground, kids over across the street going over to the dumpster, and we just could not believe it.” 

A spokesman for Buffalo Police says neither car has been recovered. 

No one is yet in custody regarding the incident. 

Parents of students at the school have been notified. A spokesperson for Buffalo Public Schools said Friday that a team of counselors will be at the school Monday to provide any assistance that may be needed.