Shoveling tip to stop snow from blocking driveway

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BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – There is a little-known trick to prevent snow plows from pushing fresh snow back into your driveway.

Al Brooks took advantage of the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures Saturday to shovel his driveway. With his trusty shovel, he was trying to clear whatever he could before the weather is expected to turn again Monday.

“I’m not expecting any thaw anytime soon,” Brooks said. “I think they are hoping it will melt and go away.”

There is a shoveling technique that could save Brooks and anyone else from shoveling their driveway again after a snow plow goes by. If you focus on clearing an area about ten feet to the left of your driveway, when the plow comes down the street it will push snow in that cleared out area and not back into your driveway.

There’s just one problem with that idea in Buffalo, according to Brooks. “I’m running out of places to put this stuff. Look at the banks; they’re like five feet high.”

Plow drivers are also only plowing one side of Al’s street.

“If he would have come from that direction obviously he couldn’t plow that side because there are cars so he might come in from the other direction in that case all the snow from that side will be in the driveway,” Al said.

The “ten foot clearing” technique would work well from the beginning of the season or, if you can do it now it could save you from extra work for the rest of the season.

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