Skipping Thanksgiving dinner? A local company is selling “seated cutouts” so you can join your family at the table

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Seated cutouts by Zoom Buffalo/

(WIVB) – Skipping Thanksgiving dinner with your family this year due to COVID-19?

A Buffalo-based graphics company is making it possible to still be at the table- kind of- with a life-size cutout of yourself.

Zoom Buffalo is offering the cutouts (in a seated position, so it looks like you’re sitting at the table) in adult and kid sizes.

Adult sizes are $45 and child sizes are $30.

The company is also offering a cheeky window sticker featuring the top half of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s face.

When displayed in a window, it looks like he’s checking in on the number of guests at your celebration.

Zoom Buffalo was behind the popular “Allen/Diggs” lawn signs that popped up over Western New York over the election season.

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