New laws in Erie County ban smoking in some areas, including when kids are in a vehicle. 

It is a part of the Public Health Protection Act. The act consists of three different laws that will impact all of Erie County. 

The bill was unanimously passed by the Legislature earlier this month. It was signed by Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz on Friday, December 28. 

The first part of the bill bans smoking in cars with anyone under 18.

It will also be illegal for anyone to smoke in or next to an NFTA bus shelter or the public areas surrounding the shelter.  

The bill also bans the sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, in pharmacies and other health care institutions. 

“No one should have to unfortunately receive the secondhand smoke that we know can cause cancer,” said Poloncarz. 

All of these laws do come with a $50 fine for the first offense. Penalties would increase on further offenses. 

Poloncarz said pharmacies and other health institutions have until the end of February to remove all tobacco products from their shelves.