Some local employment agencies are recommending companies stop testing for marijuana when looking for new workers.

Administrators at StaffBuffalo aren’t advocating for potential employees to be under the influence at work. They’re recommending companies stop marijuana testing for applicants because some companies are struggling to fill certain positions. Some staffing agencies say this would open up the potential pool of applicants.

Administrators at StaffBuffalo say it all depends on the type of job and the company’s policy. They say many companies are more open minded to stop testing for marijuana specifically. That’s because many states have legalized medical marijuana.

StaffBuffalo says they work with many applicants who come from out of state and may have lived in California or Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal.

Lauren Lewis says potential employees shouldn’t be punished for any recreational activities.

“If it’s not affecting their day to day job, you might not want to disqualify or count out some employees because of that. Especially in a tight labor market when employment rates are low right now, finding great quality employees is tough,” said Lauren Lewis, with StaffBuffalo.

StaffBuffalo says some of the positions they recommend companies stop marijuana testing include administrative and customer service positions. The most in demand jobs right now are technical positions such as I.T., programmers and coders.

Lewis says the wouldn’t recommend a company to stop marijuana testing for any labor intensive positions. She says most companies still test for other drugs.

They also recommend anyone looking for a job to be prepared for a drug test, background check and credit check.