SPCA: Weather grounding some birds

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The SPCA Serving Erie County says a number of Horned Grebes and Common Loons have been grounded due to the weather.

The organization has been taking the birds in to examine and treat them. In a Thursday Facebook post, they said they had taken in nine Horned Grebes and eight Common Loons in the last couple days.

“These birds are falling out of the sky and they need to get back to a body of water,” the SPCA wrote.

They say that if anyone finds the birds, and they don’t look injured, put a blanket over them, place them in a box and let them go on a body of water.

It is preferred that the birds are released somewhere that already has those kinds of birds, the SPCA says.

According to them, the Loons’ beaks can be used like weapons, as they are “very sharp.”

Anyone with questions can call the SPCA’s Wildlife Department at (716) 875-7360 ext. 247.

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