BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Even though Buffalo Public Schools are beginning the school year remotely, some private schools in the Queen City are welcoming students into the classroom. That’s why the city is about to turn back on some of their speed cameras.

On Monday, cameras near Canisius High School, Nichols School, and Notre Dame Academy will be re-activated. Anyone driving 26 mph or faster will have their picture taken, and be mailed a $50 violation notice.

The cameras were first turned on back in March, and only active for a few days before schools were shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Of course, people are going to forget a little bit. But now we’re re-educating, so to speak,” said Kevin Helfer, Buffalo’s parking commissioner and the administrator of the speed camera program.

As a reminder, flashing beacons are installed near the speed cameras. Those beacons will be turned on one hour before the school day starts, and turned off one hour after it ends. If they are not flashing, the camera is not on. Some of the beacons around the city have started flashing this week as city officials attempt to put drivers in a cautious frame of mind.

As the school year progresses, if more schools decide to return to in-person instruction, Helfer warns more cameras will be turned on.

“If we hear that a school is going to come on, we will try to convey to the public that the first week, we’re going to turn the flashing beacons on to warn,” he said. “Then we will turn the cameras on for violators the following week.”

Chris Horvatits is an award-winning reporter who joined the News 4 team in December 2017. See more of his work here.