Summer weather brings new optimism for charter fishing business

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The wet spring kept some boats in the marina and fisherman on land. But the sudden arrival of summer has them ready to make up for lost time. 

From walleye to bass, Charter Captain Jim Hanley knows a thing or two about catching fish.  “I’ve been doing it 41 years,” he said. 

He’s loved being out on the water since he was a young boy.  “In fact I had my name in the paper when I was 6 years old,” he said.  “I caught a bass in 1958 and it was the biggest caught that year.”

But even he says he’s had a tougher time this year than most. “This is easily the most challenging Spring we’ve ever had,” said Hanley. 

All the rain brought a slow start to the fishing season here on Lake Erie. 

“The weather just never stabilized. We caught a lot of really nice fish but it was just really challenging some days,” said Hanley. “It just rained so much that we were absolutely soaked.”

No matter the weather, Hanley brings four guests out on his boat per ride here at Sturgeon point. 

“We’ll catch anywhere from 20-30 bass in a day. If you want to go Walleye fishing it’s been phenomenal the last few years,” he said. 

And beginners are welcome! He shared with us his three top tips to reeling in that trophy fish. “Small hooks, light line, lively bait; you can’t go wrong,” said Hanley. 

What keeps him coming back year after year is the thrill of the catch.

“All a part of trying to find the fish each day,” he said. “Being our doors, being in the water.  I just love all that stuff, so it’s really great.”

If you’re looking to get out on the charter and try for yourself click here.

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