BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- Most parents today never had social media accounts growing up, but their children will likely have one at some point. The question is, when?

Lynn Sarkisian’s oldest daughter, Grace, is 11 years old. She would prefer Grace stay away from social media until she’s old enough to date, so around 30 years old.

Joking aside, Lynn knows that social media opens up a whole new world, where children can share their experiences, and can also be vulnerable.

She said, “Well for a young lady or a young man i hope that they’re gonna show a lot of maturity and realize that not everything needs to be shared on a social media site”.

Facebook is not as popular among younger generations as it is with their parents.

Grace’s friends have Instagram accounts, which is where they share their pictures, but Grace doesn’t have one yet. She says sometimes she feels left out, but knows she’ll have to earn the right to have her own account. It may not happen until high school.

“Once you establish a parental control, can you release those controls over time?” wondered Lynn about keeping an eye on her daughter’s social media activity when the time comes. It is a common question for parents.