The dissolution of Cellino and Barnes is still ongoing but this new lawsuit filed by Stephen Barnes is against Cellino and Cellino, a new personal injury firm. 

Cellino and Cellino was recently created by the wife and children of Ross Cellino, his partner. 

Barnes is claiming trademark infringement.

He says by using a similar number and name Cellino and Cellino is trying to capitalize off of Cellino and Barnes’ reputation. 

In the complaint, he says this is Ross Cellino’s attempt to create a legacy firm for his family. 

It also alleges that back in 2017 the domain name was registered by an unknown party. 

The Cellino and Cellino law firms say this lawsuit has no merit and says this is an attempt to bully the Cellino family. 

Barnes claims there were other options for the Cellino family. 
The case to dissolve Cellino and Barnes is set to go to trial August 6.