The pandemic and possibility of more violence keeping elected officials from going to inauguration

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President-elect Joe Biden himself is urging Americans to stay away from Washington–watch the Presidential Inauguration from home.

The U.S. Capitol and state capitals are on edge as investigators dig deeper into a possible conspiracy to overthrow our government.

More than a thousand members of New York’s Army National Guard and Air Attack Wing are deployed to Washington, joining 20,000 other guard members from across the country.

Including a contingent from Western New York dispatched to keep the peace.

Governor Cuomo, is taking a passing from the inauguration based on intelligence from law.

“They have done an advisory that state capitals should beware of potential demonstrations. We saw what happened in Washington a couple of weeks ago,” Cuomo said.

Federal authorities are digging deep into possible insider connections that led to the breach of the U.S. Capitol two weeks ago.

Capitol Police posts were overrun by rioters loyal to President Trump, and the Capitol Police Force is under intense scrutiny.

Citing a failure to prepare for the insurrection, Capitol Police leadership has resigned.

“It is a bad moment in American history.”

Congressman Brian Higgins witnessed the rioters on January 6th overpower the Capitol Police Force with some officers putting up little to no resistance.

The knowledge the rioters had beforehand leads Higgins to suspect, they got help from some of his own colleagues on the inside.

“I think that members collaborated with the demonstrators to get into the United States Capitol. I think those members–there are at least five of them, maybe more–need to be thoroughly, thoroughly investigated,” Higgins added.

Five people were killed in the January 6th insurrection, and Higgins says if any members of Congress are found to be co-conspirators, they should be expelled.

Congress has its own rules, though, for sanctioning members who plot against the government.

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