‘The Patchwork Theatre’ brings performing arts to Niagara Falls

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NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) – Niagara Falls is home to a lot of hidden gems. One of those is a theatre on Pine Avenue in one of the city’s historic buildings.

Rosemarie Lorenti, Co-Founder of the Patchwork Theatre of Niagara told News 4,”The reason that we have the name ‘The Patchwork Theatre’ is because we have all of these remnants patched together.”

Inside the NAAC, the old Niagara Falls High School, sits The Patchwork Theatre.

William Horn, Co-Founder of the Patchwork Theatre of Niagara, told News 4, “When I decided to go on this endeavor, create a theater, this space had just become available. It was a recording studio and before that it was a chemistry lab when it was a high school. I eventually fought for this room and got it. I spent about 6 months renovating it into a theatre.”

The NAAC is home to 2 other theaters and more than 75 artists and cultural groups. Horn shared, “I wanted to have some sort of quality theatre on par with say what you would find in Buffalo but here in Niagara Falls. Our first season, our entire first season is something I’m very proud of. Just because that was our way of showing that it could be done.”

During their fourth season the theatre suffered from a flooding incident that shut them down for a few weeks. Horn said, “It collapsed our ceiling and flooded our carpeted stage and our platform. It was a setback.”

Luckily with the help of fundraisers they were able to get the theatre back up and running for their next production titled ‘First Date’. Horn told News 4 what to expect. He said, “It’s a musical comedy about a very awkward and cute first date between two strangers, a blind date.”

That show will run the week of Valentine’s Day. If you would like ticket information for that show or information on future events click here.

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