TikTok chef makes his mark and is named official grillmaster of the Bills

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Bills now have an official grillmaster.

26-year-old Victor native Jack Mancuso, better known on the internet as “Chef Cuso,” isn’t a professional chef but he’s also not your average guy.

Signed to the Bills as the team’s official grillmaster, Mancuso has been hosting official NFL tailgates and cooking for stars like Jim Kelly, Eric Wood and Christopher McDonald, best recognized by his ‘Happy Gilmore’ character — Shooter McGavin.

“I get a lot of professional chefs who are not too happy I have “chef” in my name. But in my bio it says “not a chef,” first thing there. I made it as a joke and it kind of just took off, it’s too late to change it now,” Mancuso told News 4.

Mancuso’s journey to the kitchen began as a college student while working to obtain a degree in mechanical engineering.

“Not too many college guys are competent with cooking, so I kind of got the responsibility and I enjoyed it as well with grilling up food for the house,” he added.

But, even after graduation, friends encouraged him to promote his dishes online.

“They started saying ‘oh maybe you should post it, maybe you should make a profile’ and I was like okay I’ll try that out. I’ll just do it for fun. I’m not expecting anything of it and then slowly but surely it started taking off,” added Mancuso.

Now with over 3 million followers across all platforms, his videos have gained a lot of traction. Some receive more than 20 or 30 million views a week. These videos have led to endorsements from big names companies like Reynolds Wrap and one video earning him a drag from a pretty serious food critic.

“It was an honor to be roasted by Gordon Ramsey. It was super funny. He called me a donut he said “you don’t wrap squares you donut,” he said “you’ve ruined my signature dish,’ which was super funny,” he said.

But, perhaps one of the best surprises came when he was signed by the Bills, a dream come true for Mancuso who has always been a proud member of Bills Mafia.

“It was a pleasant surprise and now I’m at the point where this was more lucrative than my mechanical engineering job and I quit that mechanical engineering job a couple of weeks ago and now I’m living my dream of grilling steer and deleting beer,” Mancuso said.

Describing the partnership as a match made in heaven, Mancuso said some of his favorite things to make are barbecue and steak, working with various cuts of meat, and trying new flavors.

“I try to keep spicing it up. I’m always trying to do new stuff. A lot of the stuff I do is not traditional,” he said.

Whether it’s dry-aging meat in peanut butter or Nutella, Mancuso is just getting started perfecting his brand with the launch of his own company Cuso Cuts, selling knives, cutting boards and merchandise.

“There’s some ‘Grills Mafia’ stuff on there and ‘Buffalo Grills’ so that stuff has been a lot of fun and next I’d like to maybe grow. Start making longer-form content on youtube,” Mancuso said.

Famous or not, he describes himself as just a guy having fun, using meat as the avenue to bring the spotlight back to the Bills.

Jhas Williams is a traffic/feature reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2020. See more of her work here.

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