Jason Kunselman flies frequently for work. 

On a recent trip, he noticed a woman boarding the same flight with a baby and the child’s medical equipment. 

“It happened in Orlando, and I see a lot of Make a Wish Children there. There’s usually a big entourage with them. But, this woman was traveling by herself. Just her and this little girl, and this oxygen machine,” said Kunselman, a Tonawanda native now living in Hersey, Pennsylvania. 

Kunselman said he didn’t think it would be a “big deal.” That’s not how Kelsey Zwick felt about his gesture. 

“I’m just standing there, looking at him, crying, just saying “thank you, thank you,”” said Zwick. 

She travels every few months from Orlando to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia so that her daughter can be treated for a chronic lung disease.

Zwick has to travel with the baby’s oxygen tank, too.

“Had I not offered it, she probably would have been a little uncomfortable. I think her day would have gone just fine fine. But yeah. she was pretty emotional. It made everyone feel good,” said Kunselman.

Zwick found Kunselman through Facebook to thank him again. They have talked every day since.