Town of Hamburg residents continue to push back on proposed asphalt plant


It was another packed town hall meeting Wednesday night in Hamburg as dozens of residents brought their concerns about a new asphalt plant right to town officials. Residents opposed to the plant say they’re worried the plant will pollute their neighborhood and create an unpleasant odor.

The location for the proposed plant is zones for this type of use. Despite that, people say it doesn’t belong in their community.

With their signs in hand, Town of Hamburg residents are uniting to keep an asphalt plant out of their community.

“This is an area where families are, where small businesses are and an asphalt plant just seems counter productive to the goal and vision that
the people of Hamburg have,” said Hamburg resident Heahter Jackson.

The proposed hot asphalt plant would be located on camp road in the town of Hamburg. Several town residents say the plant would be too close to schools and would present a health risk.

“We feel strongly that this does not belong in this community,” said Hamburg resident Kimberly Hamm. “We have schools that are right close by, there are businesses and families and they don’t need to be exposed to the toxins that are going into the air, the carcinogens, terrible chemicals and it’s not wanted in this community.”

Residents opposed to the plant say it would also be harmful to the environment, create traffic problems and decrease property values.

During the meeting, the lawyer representing the company AL Asphalt was told not to comment on any update with the design of the plant until all residents who wanted to talk to the board did.

The town did not make a final decision on the proposed plant. The board says it wants to make sure it hears everyone’s concerns, and gives the company’s lawyer time to address those concerns.

The town will hold another meeting on this. A date has not been set yet.

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