BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – In a superseding indictment unsealed Tuesday morning, federal prosecutors are accusing two men with the brutal murder of two Florida parents and their friend.

Jariel Cobb and Deandre Wilson both are accused of murdering Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon, Nicole Marie Merced-Plaud, and Dhamyl Roman-Audiffred in September 2019. Valentin-Colon and Merced-Plaud were found in a burned-out Chrysler Pacifica van on Tonawanda Street in Buffalo on September 16th. Noelvin, then three, the son of Valentin-Colon and Merced-Plaud, was found alive that morning on the doorstep of a stranger’s home about a half-mile away from the van.

Remains were also found in a fire pit on Box Avenue, prosecutors have previously said. Those remains were later identified as Roman-Audiffred.

The family and Roman-Audiffred had recently traveled to Buffalo from Florida. Noelvin’s grandmother later took custody of the boy, now four.

In the indictment, it is also alleged that Cobb and Wilson robbed cocaine and cell phones from the three victims.

The indictment charges Cobb and Wilson with Murder While Engaged in a Narcotics Conspiracy. They are both also charged with obstructing justice by attempting to destroy the bodies of Merced-Plaud and Valentin-Colon. Cobb, Wilson, and a third individual named James Reed are also accused of obstructing justice by trying to destroy the body of Roman-Audiffred.

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