Two Southtown communities move Trick-or-Treating to Saturday

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VILLAGE OF ANGOLA (WIVB) — Trick or Treaters are getting ready for October 31, but kids in the Town of Evans and the Village of Angola will have to get ready a day early, as local leaders decide to hold Trick-or-Treating on October 30.

This move has mixed reviews from parents and kids. 14-year-old Griffin Masullo has spearheaded a petition to get the date moved back to October 31. So far, it has received 83 signatures.

“It’s tradition. You can’t really change that because things have been around for a long time, and it would be kind of weird to just change something that you’ve done a lot.”

Village of Angola’s Mayor, Thomas Whelan had no idea people were against the October 30 date when the idea was proposed.

“I’ve spoken with many people about it- administrators of the school, parents, teachers- and when we came up with the idea this year, I did a survey, and almost everyone I talked to liked it,” said Whelan.

The town board voted 4 to 1 for the Saturday date and said safety plays a role in their decision.

“The chief of police said he liked it too because of the coverage. Having the Bills game on Sunday … you know how the Bills fans can be, no offense to the Buffalo Bills fans,” laughed Whelan. “But it’s a safer environment on Saturday.”

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