BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — University at Buffalo students are frustrated over the lack of parking on campus.

“The first week of school it literally took me like an hour and a half to find a parking spot,” said Sara Thompson, junior at UB.

“It is not easy to find spots on campus, usually it’s pretty full,” said Melissa Betron, sophomore at UB.

Parking has been an issue for years, but some students say it’s getting worse and is causing them to be late for classes.

“What are we suppose to do, we’re college students and we just want to go to classes and the parking gets in the way of our education,” said Thompson.

“You’re always going to be late unless you leave a half an hour before,” said K’Dawn Robinson, sophomore at UB.

A University spokesperson told News 4 there is ample parking for students, faculty and staff. UB says some of the lots on the north campus are underutilized.

For the 2017 academic year, the university says roughly 16,700 permits were issued, but there are only 1,000 available spaces for students.

“Absolutely not enough spaces, and the spaces that are available are usually in the teacher area,” said Robinson.

According to UB’s website there is no cost for student parking permits, but students say regardless, they’re still dishing out cash to park their cars.

“I got a parking ticket because there was no parking spots in the student parking,” said Thompson.

“I actually got one last week. It just seems kind of like the campus wants our money at that point,” said Patrick Ahlers, junior at UB.

The university says the permits issued this year are relatively flat compared to last year. The school encourages students to use the UB Shuttle or “Spine Line” to help students who may have to park further away from campus.