Veterans Appreciation Day offers free services to vets this weekend in Niagara Falls

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Veterans and their families are invited to an event this weekend in Niagara Falls, to receive free services and to get thanked. 

It’s the 5th annual Veterans Appreciation Day, put together by Hands Healing Heroes. The event is happening at the John Duke Center Saturday, September 29, from noon to 4 p.m. 

Veterans and their families get free entry. 

There will be food and live music. You can also get a free haircut and massage. They’ve even done medal searches for vets, in the past. The woman who put the event together says she wanted to give back to those who have offered to lay down their lives. There’s no catch, just a general appreciation for those who have served. 

“I think the most touching thing that’s ever happened, two years ago, there was a gentleman named Joe who pulled me aside and he looked down at his feet, he couldn’t look me in the eye, and he said that he served in Vietnam and when he came back it was such a difficult process to come back,” said Dr. Kristin Jacobsen, the founder and president of Hands Healing Heroes. “I had somebody say this week that they wanted to go back to Vietnam when they came back here because it was so bad in their return. And (Joe) said in 40 years he’s never felt a sense of gratitude for his service and that was the first time he ever felt it.”

Dr. Jacobsen is a chiropractor in Niagara Falls. She founded Hands Healing Heroes, and offers free chiropractic care to wounded veterans all year long. If you’re interested, she won’t ask anything about insurance or take a co-pay, she just gives the service for free.

Dr. Jacobsen is located on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls, at Family Chiropractic.

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