NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (WIVB) – A video posted to Twitter Sunday evening appears to show former Bills and Jets coach Rex Ryan and brother Rob Ryan getting into a scuffle at a Nashville bar.

In the video, Rex is wearing a gray Washington Nationals jersey and Rob is in a purple Clemson shirt.

A local couple, Frank Washburn and Jessica Aronica, caught the moment on video.

“It could’ve been a lot worse,” said Frank Washburn, from Tonawanda. “I’m surprised no punches were thrown or anything like that.”

Washburn and Aronica are spending time in Nashville. They were on their way to dinner when they saw the twins at Margaritaville, a popular spot on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Jessica, proclaimed as an avid Bills fan, wanted a picture with former coaches. She was preparing to approach them to ask to pose for a picture when the couple caught something different on camera – a scuffle between the twins and another man.

“Some guy went up to Rex and he said something in his face,” starts Washburn, explaining what happened leading up to the altercation which was caught on camera. “Then Rex didn’t like it and the guy threw a drink into Rex Ryan’s face. He then stood up and that’s when they started going through a little scuffle and they started breaking them up and that’s when Rob got really upset and tried pushing the guy out.”

Washburn says the incident didn’t last long, less than a minute total.  He tells us police weren’t called in and bar security members removed the man in the blue shirt from the bar; the twins and their group members were allowed to stay.

“You know how these bar things go – they’re all hot and heavy one second and the next they’re fine.”

The Ryan twins have been in Nashville enjoying the Stanley Cup finals.

The Ryans were honored guests for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Nashville on Saturday (Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins), participating in an event called  “Smashville” where they helped bash a car painted in Penguins’ colors.