BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — As the 2021-2022 academic year begins, the Buffalo school speed zone cameras are going down. But mayoral candidate India Walton says there is still work to do.

Tuesday, Walton called for full refunds to anyone who was ticketed because of the speed camera program. She cited a class-action lawsuit against the city, which argues that the cameras were not calibrated correctly and were not properly tested.

University District common council member Rasheed Wyatt threw his support behind Walton’s push. Wyatt has been a long supporter of dismantling the speed zone camera program. He says the program will no longer hurt those who are already struggling financially.

“This was a program that we continue to see, that it has hindered the residents in the district. Many of the residents who are poor, many of the residents who are still challenged every day to make ends meet,” said Wyatt.

New crosswalks, blinking lights, and updated speed signs are outside Buffalo schools, but Walton says more needs to be done to keep children and pedestrians safe.

“I know that we can do more. East Buffalo deserves more, Bailey Avenue deserves more,” said Walton. “A simple line down the street, a clearly marked bike lane, will go a long way toward increasing safety in this community,” she added.

News 4 reached out to Mayor Byron Brown, who was an avid supporter of the program. He said in a statement,

“If any citation was found to be improperly issued — I absolutely support a refund. Our focus now is on investing in traffic safety measures around our schools and in our residential neighborhoods to keep our children and families safe.”

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