FREDONIA, N.Y. (WIVB)–Fredonia Mayor Douglas Essek is extending the local state of emergency due to the unstableness of the production of potable water while maintaining acceptable turbidity limits. He says the water in the village is safe for residents and does not need to be boiled. The announcement is a precautionary measure.

Essek says this is a recommendation of the Chautauqua County Department of Health, and the village is taking this action to protect the general public and to provide safe drinking water to the community.

The state of emergency will remain in effect for 30 days or until rescinded, Essek says.

On September 30, a boil water advisory, which had been in effect since September 10, was lifted.

The water troubles in Fredonia started about last month when officials say a water sample taken showed a high level of cloudiness in the water.

That’s when the Chautauqua county health department ordered people to boil all water. A few weeks ago that order was lifted.

Essek says because of future construction and upgrades to the treatment plant this announcement is the village’s way of staying on top of the situation in case the water becomes unsafe again.

“Our water is perfectly safe to drink and use and there is no boil water advisory from the Chautauqua county health department. This was so we could efficiently and effector move forward on the repair and replacement and construction on our infrastructure moving forward here and getting us out of this mess that we’re in currently.”

Essek says the upgrades to the filtration system should be done in the next few weeks. The bigger construction upgrades to the water plant won’t start until the Spring.

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