(WIVB) — Local lawmakers are now criticizing President Biden following Thursday’s deadly attacks. Congressman Brian Higgins called the situation a mess.

He says this does not surprise him given the chaos that has been erupting over the last week.

Congressman Higgins says the United States withdrawal has not been managed well.

“You don’t leave and then decide to develop an evacuation plan, you develop an evacuation to get people out safely so you can leave with a minimal amount of damage — clearly, that didn’t happen here,” said Representative Higgins.

Congressman Tom Reed says the Biden administration has blood on its hands.

“Now is not the time for ‘political spin’ and ‘poll-tested decisions,’ these are real lives being lost that demand true leadership. Let’s pray to God that this leadership emerges,” said Representative Reed.

Congressman Chris Jacobs called the attack horrific and put blame on President Biden, saying in part “This administration must immediately present a coherent plan to secure the area around the airport, safely return every American from Afghanistan and extend the deadline past August 31 until this is completed.”