(WIVB) — Some local schools now have to get creative with their lunch menus. Labor shortages and transportation problems are causing major issues in the food supply chain.

Officials with the Sweet Home Central School District say sometimes when they place orders, the food won’t show up, or there simply isn’t enough.

Some districts can’t even offer things like fresh fruits and vegetables anymore.

Dane Truesdell, the chef at Willow Ridge Elementary School in Amherst says the shortages have changed the way they plan lunches.

“It’s been a challenge in creativity,” Truesdell says. “That’s for sure. You order things and they don’t come in and then, last minute, you have to scramble to get in a nutritious lunch for the kids. Sometimes, our commodities will be short, and we’re already planning our menu for the next month, counting on these commodities to come in, and then all of the sudden we find out they’re not coming in.”

The food hasn’t been the only issue. District leaders say they’re also having trouble getting their hands on plastic utensils and paper products, too.

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