(WIVB) – An alert bank teller might have saved an elderly homeowner from a truckload of grief over a paving job.

Katie Smith got a bill for thousands of dollars more than expected, but advice from the teller was priceless.

Smith said a man came to her back door offering to pave her driveway with some leftover asphalt from a neighbor’s job. When the Buffalo grandmother asked how much, the man wrote down a figure.

“I thought it looked like $77.50,” Smith told News 4. “He had been doing a job around the corner and he had a little blacktop material.”

After the driveway was paved – about 1,000 square feet – one of the men in charge scribbled down the price for paving job – $7,000 – which Smith said she did not have.

“He said to me, I’ve got all these men here working for me and we have to buy our supplies everyday,” Smith said.

Smith went to the KeyBank on Broadway and presented the hand-scribbled bill written on a receipt for $7,000 – but the teller got suspicious and offered her elderly customer some advice.

“She said don’t you give nobody this check until your son sees what they did,” Smith recalled.

Smith talked to her son, Stan.

KeyBank declined to comment for this story, but a spokesman told News 4 they are proud for what their teammate was able to do to help a customer, and their bankers receive regular training to recognize unscrupulous and fraudulent practices including check fraud and elder abuse.

Smith asked the bank teller to void the check, but she is not looking for a free ride – just a more accurate accounting of the paving.

News 4 reached out to the businessman who sold Smith the job, but we have not heard back.

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