Wilson residents prepare for potential flood damage

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Residents in Niagara and Orleans Counties are preparing for the worst ahead of a lakeshore flood watch starting Tuesday morning.

For people in Wilson, they’re continuing clean up as Lake Ontario’s rising water keeps washing onto shore. 

“We’ve had to deal with a tremendous amount of work. Most of the people here today and yesterday have been putting docks on top of docks so they can get to their boats,” said Vice Commodore of Tuscarora Yacht Club, Doug Klapper.

Many club members have had to get creative, using wood, ladders and, in some cases, milk crates to build up the docks above the rising water. According to the International Joint Commission, which regulates Lake Ontario’s water levels, the lake will likely reach or exceed the record high back in 2017, when levels reached more than 258 feet. Right now it’s just above an inch from that mark.

“We didn’t expect it go to this high,” Klapper said. “I don’t think the joint commission expected it to go this high. But it has, and we’re sitting again in the same problem we had in 2017 where we had docks on top of docks.”

For now, all residents can do is prepare, even if they don’t know how much flooding they’re actually preparing for.

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