Winter weather accidents keep body shops busy

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President of Collision Masters, Frank Todaro says last week’s storm brought their biggest uptick in years. “We started getting email after email from various insurance companies, stating cars were off the road in ditches,” said Todaro.  “So we’re like, okay everybody. Prepare, it’s coming.” 

Following the snowfall and icy conditions, they’ve been working overtime to keep up, servicing more than 80 vehicles in two locations. 

“We’ve seen spin outs.  I’ve seen a lot of side swipes,” said Todaro. “Mirrors are hanging off the cars.” 

State Police report nearly 350 crashes and nearly 900 disabled vehicles since winter’s sudden return.  Even more staggering, over 400 drivers disobeyed the trunk ban across our region. 

“Semi trucks that are not supposed to be on the thruways, big chunks of ice are flopping off and hitting cars,” said Todaro. “It’s very dangerous out there.” 

And while it’s warm outside now, it’s inevitable that the snow and harsh conditions will return. “Nobody plans an accident,” said Todaro.  “So it’s our job to get them in a car and get on with life.” 

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