BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – With so many people working at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, cyber security expert Holly Hubert says there’s a good chance hackers are waiting to make their move. However, she says there are ways to prevent yourself from being a target.

“We’re doing a great job rallying together and doing the absolute best we can and so these are times where we all want to help protect our companies,” Hubert, who’s the CEO and Founder of Global Security IQ, said.

She says the best way to protect yourself is by creating long and strong passwords for log-ins and work emails, and recommends that your passwords contain phrases not just words. Having special characters mixed in would also help. She also encourages people to have a multi-factor authentication in place.

“When you log into your bank account and you get a text to your cell phone,” she said. “Definitely turn that on for every account not just work accounts.”

Common cyber attacks include ransomware and business compromised emails.

You’ll literally see the encryption start to happen in your file structure so it’s really important to disconnect to contain that,” Hubert said.

If you see that happen, Hubert says turn the computer or device off immediately. She also says stay off public Wi-Fi and if you’re able to, use the hotspot on your phone or see if your company can provide one.

She says following these steps can help protect you and the company you work for.

“If you don’t require as an organization for your remote employees, to remote into your organization using the strongest multi-factor authentication and long and strong password and good access controls then users can gain access because you’ve made it easy for them,” Hubert said.