WNY man on a mission to reunite missing wedding ring with rightful owner

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You can only imagine what someone in Western New York is going through this weekend after they lost their wedding ring at a store in Buffalo this week.

Fortunately, it was found by a man who has made it his mission to make sure the ring gets back to its rightful owner.

Nick Lamoureux found it as he was walking into work at the Valu Home Centers on Rossler Avenue on Wednesday.

“I came in like regular, parked my car, and I grabbed some shopping carts,” he recalled, “and when I pulled them into the store and saw something shine.”

Lamoureux says the item caught his eye, but he didn’t think much of it. At first glance, he thought it was a washer so he put it in his pocket, planning to return it to the nuts and bolts aisle in the store.

“I ended up forgetting about it,” he said. “Went home and found out that it was a wedding ring.”

Lamoureux says he felt an instant weight of responsibility. 

“First thing that went through my head was everything that I’ve lost that never got returned that was sentimental,” Lamoureux said. “I was like, ‘yeah, I definitely have got to return this.’ The guy, I’m assuming he’s been married for over 50 years.”

That assumption is based on the date inscribed inside the ring, where there are also some initials engraved.

Lamoureux asked us to digitally obscure some identifying characteristics on the inside of the ring, so he could ask whoever claims it to tell him what it says as proof that it belongs to them. 

Lamoureux told News 4 he was worried someone would say the ring was theirs to profit off the owner’s loss. 

“I have people say, ‘Oh, that’s megabucks right there,’ but it’s just too sentimental,” he said. “I don’t have that kind of heart to pawn it and then live with my life.”

“I’d probably get what maybe 40 dollars for it? It’s not worth it,” he added.

But, Lamoureux knows it’s more valuable than that to its owner. And, he says he’s hoping this will all be a valuable lesson for his daughter, too, in case she ever finds something like it. 

“It’s definitely someones. It belongs to them and I’m sure that they would want it back,” he said.

Within hours of us posting about it on the News 4 Facebook page, we had the rightful owner tracked down.

Lamoureux is meeting up with them on Sunday morning to return the ring. Our News 4 crew will be there, too, for what is sure to be an emotional reunion. 

You can watch that part of the story Sunday night on News 4. 

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