Habitat for Humanity’s “Women Build Week” is underway. 
Women around the country are putting on hard hats and picking up hammers to help create affordable housing for their neighbors. 
Dozens of local ladies spent the day Tuesday framing out a new build and clearing out another building at two sites on Kilhoffer Street in Buffalo. 

 All Habitat of Buffalo work will be focused on the two sites through Saturday for “Women Build Week”.

Across the country, 80,000 women are taking part, helping to creat safe, affordable housing for low-income families who get no-interest loans and who work alongside volunteers, putting in hundreds of hours of sweat equity. 

On of the houses that’s being rehabbed on Kilhoffer Street will be turned into a club house and residential space for the Peacemakers Organization, to help improve safety in the neighborhood. 

The other home will house a family later this year. 

“We build more than just homes, we build communities,” Theresa Bianchi, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Buffalo said.

More sponsors and volunteers are needed for Habitat for Humanity projects around the WNY area. 

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