WNYers make final preparations as Irma heads for Florida

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BOYNTON BEACH, FLA. (WIVB)- Craig Rogalski and his husband put finishing touches on their “escape room” Friday. They’re hoping the makeshift shelter in their master bathroom will protect them if Hurricane Irma hits Florida the way experts believe it will.

Rogalski, a Sweet Home graduate, said he’s never gone to such lengths to prepare for a storm before.

The couple stocked up on water and canned food this week.

They live in Boynton Beach, which is in Palm Beach County on Florida’s east coast.

Rogalski and his husband are choosing to ride out the storm at home. They are currently not under a mandatory evacuation order, but a mandatory curfew for Boynton Beach is in place, something he said he’s never experienced.

Rogalski’s in-laws, who have health issues, didn’t want to leave their home.

He said the stress of choosing to stay is just as stressful as trying to leave.

“There’s the stress of should I stay or should I go? And then the window is closing and closing and closing and you’re like should I have gone, should I have stayed and you’re second guessing yourself.”

The Buffalo native, who is missing his high school reunion due to the storm, said he’s received messages of support and even offers of care packages from several western New Yorkers.

‘The City of Good Neighbors’ mentality is warming his heart, he said, as he prepares to ride out the category four storm from hundreds of miles away.

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