A Buffalo family is grieving the loss of three family members following an early Friday morning fire on Shirley Avenue.  

26-year-old Brianna Ross and 4-year-old Cianna Jones were killed Friday in the fire. 

Ross, who is Jones’ aunt, was visiting family at the time. 

On Saturday morning, Buffalo Police reported 8-year-old boy G’Shawn McGhee, who suffered significant burns to his body, died overnight at Oishei Children’s Hospital.

McGhee is the brother of Jones and the nephew of Ross. 

The fire started around 1 o’clock Friday morning on the first floor of the family’s Shirley Avenue home.

A City of Buffalo spokesperson ruled the fire an accident. Buffalo Fire investigators say it appears to have started in the kitchen. 

“The black smoke was coming out. They had got the fire under control relatively fast, and then, I started seeing one body after another being escorted to the ambulance,” said neighbor Craig Kulin. 

The family rents the home, and according to fire officials there was a working smoke detector inside. 

“From what I’ve been told there was a working smoke detector. And that’s what alerted the father, who then gathered up the family and attempted to leave the home,” said Fire Commissioner Bill Renaldo. 

The house is a total loss. Nothing though, compared to the loss of family. Grinage was looking forward to giving little Cianna her Christmas present. 

“I went and bought her a toy Mini Cooper than drives. Pink, for Christmas. And so all I was looking forward was to seeing that look on her face. Now I will never ever get to see the look on her face,” he told News 4. 

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to assist with the families of Jones & McGhee.  

Another Go Fund Me, has been set up to assist with family of Ross.