Neighbors on Zimmerman Road have been dealing with flooding in their front yards, and over the street for weeks. But the issue is expected to be fully fixed in the next two weeks. 

“When the flooding was at its worst, the road is completely flooded,” Town of Boston Supervisor, Jason Keding said. “They have to drive through the water. At other times, school buses and vehicles would have to stop and allow traffic to come in, but school buses would cross the double yellow line, going into the double lane, and navigate around the water.”

Erie County Department of Public Works crews went out to Zimmerman Road, near the corner of Rice Road over the weekend once the ground was thawed enough, to try and fix the issue, but ran into a snag. The crews pushed water through a clogged pipe, but Commissioner Bill Geary tells News 4, it appears something is stuck in there pretty good. Geary said they were able to get water to flow at 50 percent through the pipe, but will have to wait about two weeks to fully fix the issue. 

In about two weeks, crews will have to cut open the road, and replace the metal pipe, with a bigger plastic one. Geary said that one will allow for better flow, and prevent future blockages. 

“I do appreciate their due diligence on this,” Keding said.