BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The shooting has shaken up local religious leaders. Buffalo Common Council president and pastor Darius Pridgen says he plans to have professionals come and do an active shooter training during each of his church services next Sunday.

Pridgen, pastor of True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo, posted the idea on his Facebook Sunday evening and says he’s received several calls from other church leaders wanting to do the same.

“It’s not about you know whether we need guns in church, or weapons in church but what are the simple things members are to do? Are they to stay in the building are they to get up under pews? It’s simple things that could save a life,” said Darius Pridgen, Council president and pastor of True Bethel Baptist Church.

Pridgen is also plans to have a training in the council chambers for council members and the public.

He says he will be working with security at City Hall and police to figure out a training plan. He will present his ideas to the common council Monday.