The Park Edge Sweet Shoppe on Abbott Road in South Buffalo has been working for hours getting their signature sponge candy ready for Valentines Day holiday.

The process of making the sponge candy is one that has been perfected by the folks at the Park Edge Sweet Shoppe.

Co-owner Maggie Mulvany says it takes about about 24 hours to make a batch. The main ingredients include sugar, water, corn syrup, gelatin and some elbow grease for stirring.

“It’s definitely an arm workout, we do everything by hand so everything is handsaws, and every piece is literally hand cuts and we do shapes for the holidays,” said Mulvany.

The Park Edge’s sponge candy is unique in the area, because of its shape.“We do our sponge candy a little bit different than everyone else. We  make the sticks, we’re home of the original sponge candy sticks. So instead of a square, that’s a little clumsy to eat, we make it in a stick. It has a better chocolate to sponge ratio,” said Anna Hartog, co-owner.