AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB)- It’s a full house at the McGees. A one bedroom apartment is home to Whitney McGee, her two kids, her sisters Brittany and Tiffany, and now, Mynishia Holley and her three newborns.

Whitney is a triplet; she and her sisters recently spotted new mom Mynishia at MLK park.

“At first I was shocked because I’m like well it’s only one stroller and it was all the babies in the stroller,” said Brittany McGee.

Mynishia has triplets of her own. The 24-year-old and her babies didn’t have a place to go.

For the McGees, her situation was a flash back to the struggles their mom overcame. Whitney is also a single mother.

“As a single parent she did everything that she could do, so I could only imagine my mom being 19 and she’s being 24, like how difficult it can be for her,” Brittany told News 4.

The McGee sisters opened their home to the young family.

“My mom always told me, to never, to never in life see someone struggling. It’s always good to give a helping hand and in her situation, she had kids. And I couldn’t allow her to walk the streets,” Tiffany said.

It turns out, the McGees Godfather knows Mynishia, although the women had never met, or knew one another existed.

“I met Tiffany first, and then she introduced me to her sisters and her aunt and we just bonded from there,” Mynishia told News 4.

“I couldn’t believe they were triplets at first,” she said.

It’s that bond, the McGee sisters said, that drew them to Mynishia, who’s now crashing with them in their one bedroom apartment in Amherst.

“It’s very, very tight in here, but sometimes in life you’ve got to do what you’ve go to do,” Whitney laughed.

“As long as she needs to stay you know, to get her stuff together, we’ll be here struggling together,” she said.

It didn’t take Mynishia long to feel at home. And she told News 4 now, she’s got three sisters for life.

“You might as well say that we are related. That’s how we act. We act like we’re related. It’s like I was born into this family,” she said.

The McGees have set up an account to help Mynishia. You can donate to any M&T Bank location. For more information, call 716-313-5124.