Locally-made cream could revolutionize skin sanitizing industry


(WIVB) – Most of this old factory occupying an entire block in the city’s southern industrial zone is dedicated to manufacturing air purifiers.

Machines with filters so advanced, they clean bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 from the air.

Business has never been better.

Demand is so high, Austin Air Systems is working on plans to triple its output, and hire as many new employees as they need to accomplish it -but over the past two decades, they’ve developed another product to ward off the disease — or at least the most common cause of its transmission.

“It’s this. It’s touch,”  Austin Air Systems CEO Richard Taylor said. “You touch things up to 10,000 times a day. And you carry those viruses and bacteria to your face 300 times a day.”

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This cream, which doesn’t yet have a name, contains no alcohol. Austin Research Labs CEO Richard Taylor says research shows it’s far more effective.

News 4 asked Taylor’s team, Lauren McMillan, president of Austin Air and VP of Austin Research Labs and Jai Supamahitorn, director of research, to prove it. They didn’t hesitate.

The plate on the left shows my hand before applying the cream.

After 24 hours, you can see the outline existing bacteria created.

The next plate shows the same print after applying the cream. There are one or two specs on the plate, but they’re too small for the camera to pick up.

The other big difference in Taylor’s cream is, it lasts all day. Alcohol-based sanitizers clean. They don’t protect.

“When it’s, dry it’s done. That’s it.”

Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol clean the skin, which gets contaminated again as soon as you touch the next surface or grab a doorknob.

The ingredients in Taylor’s cream actually protect the skin from getting re-contaminated- and the barrier it creates has a lasting effect.

“There’s nothing that’s got any persistence,” Taylor said. That’s what we thought our advantage is. We’ve got persistence.”

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