Lockport domestic violence survivor launches publishing business


LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) — Twenty six year old Jessica Cassick was stuck in cycle of violence for several months before she was able to break free. It’s been about 5 years since she broke the cycle for good. From that point on she looked forward and never looked back.

“A lot of mental abuse, and there was a lot of physical and the physical was a lot of hitting, he choked, that was his thing,” said Jessica Cassick, ImagineWe, LLC CEO.

At one point in Jessica Cassick’s life, both her, and her son’s lives were in danger.

“I just felt like I was locked to him like we were physically locked and I didn’t know how to move, I didn’t know how to think for myself I didn’t know how to make my own decisions like he literally took everything,” said Cassick.

Her son’s father was taken in handcuff’s in 2012. Then Cassick went to a safe house and spent months in transitional homes. Cassick and her newborn son moved 5 times in 6 months.

“That was really hard but I wrote a lot I wrote every single day when I was in the safe house,” said Cassick.

For Cassick writing has always been a form of healing, and a coping strategy. Now nearly 5 years later, she’s using it to launch a publishing business.

“Originally when I was doing my business plan I wanted to get out 6 books in the year, I felt like that was a good number and then that somehow changed to 12. So I said we’ll shoot for one a month,” said Cassick.

Her publishing business, called ImagineWe LLC, is focused on children’s books. Through her first series she plans to spotlight children living unique lives.

Cassick believes fate and her experience with domestic violence helped push her to eventually pursue a dream.

“All of the things that I had to overcome in those specific moments, all of that I needed to be the person that I am today to start this publishing company,” said Cassick.

Cassick is currently pursuing a graduate degree in creative studies at Buffalo State. She plans to take an independent study to work on her publishing company next semester.

For more information on ImagineWe LLC, go to http://imaginewellc.com/facebook.com/theImagineWeLLC/

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