LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) – An Uber driver from Lockport wants others like him to avoid a scam he says cost him a day’s pay. 

While driving in downtown Buffalo over the weekend, Daniel Duzy received a call from a person he thought was from Uber Corporate. 

The caller claimed to be with support services and asked for personal information including the login for his driver app. 

Shortly after, his receipts for the day- more than $200- disappeared from his account, leaving him overdrawn. 

Daniel says he’s unable to make changes, and the scammer can continue taking his cash. 

“They ended up taking my debit card information and putting theirs in, so every time I make money now, it automatically gets transferred to their account,” Duzy said. 

Uber says it uses two-factor authentication to keep people from getting into drivers’ accounts with just the password- but scammers trick drivers into giving away personal information about the account. 

As of Monday evening, Duzy says his account is still not fixed.