Longtime Cheektowaga flag display tradition moves to new home


AKRON, N.Y. (WIVB) – After three decades in Cheektowaga, an octogenarian Marine veteran’s traditional 4th of July flag display has moved to a new home.

Ed Krier’s grandson Jake Krier is now proudly flying his grandfather’s flags outside his home on Hiller Road in Akron, where he moved last August.

“This is a display my grandfather’s been setting up in Cheektowaga for like 30 years, and he’s 83 now and he’s ready to pass it on, so we’ve been bringing it all out here,” Jake Krier told News 4.

What Ed Krier started as a small display in his Cheektowaga yard has grown a lot over the years, with new pieces continually added to the collection. In a place of honor in this year’s display is a tribute to David Bellavia, who received the Medal of Honor just last week.

“Every year, a couple little pieces get added, and now that we’re in a new location, we’ve got some more room to work and we’ll be adding things every year hopefully from now on,” Jake Krier said.

But, the more that’s added, the more work it takes to set it all up.

Jake and Ed Krier spent eight hours outside Wednesday getting all of their flags in place for the 4th of July display. More than 100 flags were waving gently in the breeze Thursday morning.

“There’s actually more than we don’t even have out. We don’t have anywhere to put them,” Jake Krier said.

But, the priority, of course, is to put out Krier’s favorite: “Obviously the American flag is always number one. It’s always going to be,” he said.

The Stars and Stripes were getting a lot of attention Thursday, with people stopping by in a steady stream to admire the patriotic display.

“We’re very fortunate to live in the country we do. And this is just our little way to show our appreciation for the veterans and for the country,” Jake Krier said.

All 50 states in the country are represented in the flags on display outside Jake Krier’s home, as are several local towns and every country in the world.

A large part of the display is reserved for flags representing the US military, the reason the display is there.

“It’s patriotism. This is just thank you to our veterans for everything they’ve done for us,” Jake Krier said.

Krier welcomes the public to come onto his property to check out the flags throughout the day on July 4th.

First thing in the morning on July 5th, the flags will be taken down and put back into storage until July 4th the following year.

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