BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — As many people across the world mourn the loss of Rev. Billy Graham, look back at this story that aired on News 4 when Graham visited Buffalo in 1988.

The story was written by Octavia Hudson.


“God has a plan.”

All last week Reverend Dr. Billy Graham laid out his understanding of God’s plan, and thousands accepted it. The Billy Graham Crusade packed up and left Buffalo yesterday, where memories of the man and his message linger.

“There are many of you that are spiritually dead right now. Physically you are alive, but your spirit towards God is dead.”

Reverend Graham was involved with the Evangelicalists called Sinister Repentance. He also called on them to help raise over $900,000, the cost of the Crusade. Organizers say they still don’t know if they reached that goal. The Crusade drew almost 130,000 people, averaging crowds of over 18,000 each night. Over 7,000 people headed the call to repent. The Crusade referred them to local churches.

“They can really sense that something very special was happening in their lives, and the life of our community.”

56 different denominations invited Reverend Graham to Buffalo, and its churches that stand to gain most from the crusade, not just in terms of money rates, but because of the thousands of people who came forward to give their lives to Christ.

Many who came to the Crusade have heard the message before. They came to see Graham in person. Supporters say the Crusade’s work is never done. The Buffalo Crusade isn’t completely over, it will be televised nationwide next month on Channel 4. The message will be the same.

“We need to return to the bible.”MORE | Evangelist Billy Graham has died at age 99.