BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — How do you connect trains, diesel engines, and mac & cheese together? To find that out, you’re going to have to ask Buffalo Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins.

“I mean, you really don’t want to know what goes through the mind after a football game,” Dawkins laughed. “It’s just going, it’s full speed, and it keeps going and going and going because the adrenaline is going.”

“It’s just what came out. Mac and cheese, diesel trucks, and oiling up the trains.”

Following the Bills’ 17-16 victory over the Jets on Sunday, Dawkins gave what is sure to go down in history as one of the greatest postgame quotes ever. When asked about the run game’s slow start, Dawkins spiraled out into a 22 second rant that included oiling up a train, starting a diesel truck, and stirring mac and cheese until it becomes, and I quote, “Nice, wet and juicy.”

“For the kids, if you ever made mac and cheese, you’re hungry, you’re making it like ‘Is it ready?'” explained Dawkins.

“When that thing starts making noise and it’s nice and wet and juicy, you know it’s time to pour it in a bowl and eat it, and you know, I’m just happy that Kraft jumped on it.”

As to be expected, Dion’s quote blew up.

ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and even Kraft Macaroni & Cheese tweeted about it. Kraft included a picture of the special instructions on the side of the box on how to stir it up.

So, something had to be done. The world needed to actually experience this iconic cooking. That’s where Mooney’s comes in.

“I got a call from his manager that said he wanted to come and roll with his mac and cheese comment,” Mooney’s on Military owner Chris McCann said, “So we said of course, no better place to have it than the home of the mac & cheese!”

“I’m whipping up some mac and cheese to show the world what nice, wet and juicy really is,” Dawkins said.

“Hi guys, welcome to the home of the mac and cheese! We’re going to get you back here to make you some mac and cheese.”

Mooney’s created a brand new recipe in honor of Dion, called the “Schnow Mac,” which is mac and cheese with peppers, onions, and your choice of shrimp, strip steak or chicken, stirred until it’s “nice wet and juicy,” then finished the Mooney’s way, topped with panko break crumbs and baked to perfection.

While in the process of making Dion’s Schnow Mac with shrimp, Dawkins got the chance to take the spatula and stir it all together, and made sure to mention that “This is honestly the definition of nice, wet and juicy.”

After making Mooney’s famous mac and cheese, I asked Dion if he’s looking for a sponsorship with Kraft after we saw Patrick Mahomes receive a sponsorship with Hunt’s Ketchup following Mahomes tweeting his love of the condiment.

True to form, Dawkins had another fantastic response.

“I mean, life is life, and Kraft has been a part of mine, so I have a big bear hug coming for them if they just want to come and get it.”

Dion Dawkins also has a touchdown dance featuring stirring a pot of mac and cheese that he’s ready to bring out if he ever finds himself in the end zone with the ball. I’m sure the crowd will eat that up, no matter how cheesy it is.