BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) In the same room where Theodore Roosevelt took the Presidential oath 120 years ago, Byron Brown became the first Buffalo mayor to take the oath for a fifth term in office.

Pastor William Gillison, of Mt. Olive Baptist Church and City Court Judge Craig Hannah joined Brown and his family for the swearing in ceremony Friday morning at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site on Delaware Avenue.

“The people have spoken across every community in Buffalo and by doing so made today even more historic and significant,” said Brown, who said he plans to stay the course but ‘build on the course’ of his administration.

His opponent, India Walton says she stood for the disenfranchised who feel they have not benefitted from much of the development in the city, but Brown addressed that by pointing to his grandparents who emigrated here. “And they worked hard and they worked together and they helped get themselves out of poverty. They did not rely on the government to do it,” said Brown. “So yes, we’re gonna do the things that government should do and do those things well, but there’s gonna be a requirement for people to do some things for themselves.”

Brown was asked directly whether he expects to run again in four years. “We will see how things go, but right now I fell incredibly energized and inspired.”

Brown, 63, was born in Queens, NY, and then attended Buffalo State College. The first elected position he held was on the Buffalo Common Council in 1996.