Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott led off his weekly press conference with the news many fans have been clamoring for: Josh Allen will start this Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

“It’s the right move for our team”, McDermott said. “I’ve got confidence in Josh, I have confidence in this football team, and it’s the right move for our team.”

“I think his command of the offense was there, there was some things that he did well, in getting us in and out of the huddle, those are things you don’t take for granted when you have a young player out there, and after the snap, executed fairly well at times, and then there were other times where we need to execute better. He moved well to put himself in position and generate some offense, I thought inside the pocket and also outside the pocket,” McDermott said about Allen’s play in the game against Baltimore Sunday.

McDermott talked about the importance of Allen gaining experience by playing, “he’s going to get valuable experience from being in this case where he’s going to be in this case this weekend in particular,being behind the steering wheel. There’s certainly valuable experience when you can stand and watch, but as we all know, there’s no substitute for the experience when you are actually behind the wheel.”.

When asked who made the decision McDermott replied, “the ultimate decision was mine, Brandon (Beane) and I talk about everything as you guys know, and certainly we worked with Terry and Kim (Pegula) as well, keeping them informed of our decisions in everything we do.”

In other topics McDermott talked about the offense and the importance of getting running back LeSean McCoy more involved in the offense, “LeSean’s a big part of our offense, that was that way last year and that will continue to be the case. As we talk about going back and looking at things we can do better, I can do better, that’s somewhere in there, as well as many other things”.

McDermott says there will be no changes as far as the starters on the offensive line this Sunday.