BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Dozens of teachers at McKinley High School say they were left out of the school’s plan to reopen after the violent attack last month.

According to a survey by the Buffalo Teachers Federation, 90-percent of McKinley teachers say they did not feel like they were “meaningfully involved” in the district’s re-set plan.

Buffalo Public Schools brought back all grade levels this past Monday. Students had switched to remote learning after the Feb. 9 incident where a student was stabbed and a security guard was shot during dismissal.

Teachers were able to respond anonymously to the union’s survey. While many say they were happy about the return to in-person learning, they were disappointed with how the district was handling the situation – including bringing the students back while McKinley’s principal was on vacation.

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore says teachers also don’t feel like enough is being done to keep everyone safe.

“There are still some great concerns at the school,” he said. “They don’t have the metal detectors like they should have, they don’t have alarms on the doors so students can’t open the door without anyone knowing.”

Rumore says he does believe the district’s interim superintendent, Dr. Tonja Williams, is interested in working with staff on future plans.

A district spokesman released this statement in response to the survey:

The Re-set Plan to reopen McKinley High School was executed using collective input from parents, students, staff and community stakeholders.  The District understands and acknowledges that there continue to be opportunities to refine the Re-Set Plan.  With a spirit of collegiality, the district will continue to solicit input from the students and staff at the McKinley Career and Technical High School, which is deeply valued. Safety and wellness as well as educational excellence remain top priorities of the Board, Superintendent, and all BPS staff.

Buffalo Public Schools Spokesman

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