Medical device available in WNY helps patients with chronic sinusitis


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Doctors say chronic sinusitis affects 1 in 7 adults and many people first mistake it for allergies. It’s a condition that causes uncomfortable nasal congestion and cold symptoms.

There is relief for the thousands of people struggling with this condition. It’s this unique medical device called PROPEL. It’s a spring like implant that is inserted in the nose sinus cavity following a sinus surgery. The stent expands, opens the sinus, and gradually delivers an advanced steroid to the sinus lining. It eventually dissolves on it’s own.

Doctors say PROPEL reduces inflammation and scaring, and also reduces the need for more surgeries.

A Hamburg man who has struggled with the condition for years say PROPEL was a total game changer for him.

“I haven’t had a sinus infection since I had the procedure done. I breathe better, I’m able to exercise more, just generally you feel better being able to breathe,” said Michael Jerome of Hamburg.

“We obtain a cat scan of their sinuses and see if there’s blockages. During the surgery in some cases if it’s severe enough we’ll place these stents which will help keep the sinuses open longer, and help prevent the polyps or the scarring from forming,” said Raymond Paolini, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor SUNY at Buffalo.

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