Meeting the musical mastermind of the NFTA’s new marketing campaign


“Buffalo to N-T — $2,” croons from the stereo system in the car. 

It’s from the song stealing spots on airwaves across the region. The mastermind behind the hit is Michael Martineck.

“I think I am the most unlikely rap artist in Western New York,” said Martineck, the NFTA’s superintendent for advertising and communications. 

He’s a big fan of rap music – particularly Jay-Z and Nas. Naturally, when the transit authority began brainstorming new marketing campaigns and wanted to come up with a song, Martineck landed on this genre and landed the gig, spending several weeks writing the lyrics, perfecting the rhymes and beats. 

“It was inspired by the rhythm of the train.”

Now, it’s playing all over Western New York. And the NFTA employee is hopeful it’ll encourage more people to get onboard the rail and bus.

“I am hoping people realize public transportation is effective and efficient and make their lives better.”

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